OLD Cultural Competency Workshop



Join us as we grow together in our mission to develop cultural awareness and acceptance for all our neighbors. 

We warmly encourage participation in our Cultural Competency training, a prerequisite for engaging in our ongoing Kansas City Mission programs. This valuable training is designed to foster a welcoming and secure environment for everyone we support. By participating, individuals will gain empowerment and education, fostering a deeper understanding of our diverse community and enhancing cross-cultural interactions. This training experience offers an opportunity for each participant to become more attuned to the needs and perspectives of our neighbors. Whether you're interested involunteering on the bookmobile, at the food pantry, as a tutor, or in a classroom within our partner schools, this training will equip you to make a meaningful and positive impact. For those seeking to collaborate with our partner organizations, we highly recommend taking part in this training. It's an essential step towards building a more inclusive and empathetic community for all. Join us in this enriching journey of understanding and serving our diverse community! 

Classes will be led by Carol Cartmill and James Abbott.